Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003

Primary legal effect of order to pay.


40.—(1) As between—

(a) the claimant and the respondent or respondents, and

(b) 2 or more respondents,

an order to pay shall, without prejudice to the other provisions of this Chapter, operate as if it were a judgment of a court given for the amount or amounts concerned.

(2) Accordingly the provisions of every enactment (and in particular section 26 of the Debtors (Ireland) Act 1840 but not section 22 of the Courts Act 1981) and every instrument under an enactment shall, with any adaptations of them that may be made under subsection (3), apply to an order to pay as they apply to a judgment of a court.

(3) The authority for the time being having power to make rules regulating the practice and procedure of any court (being a court which would have jurisdiction to make an award of the amount or amounts specified in the order to pay concerned) may make rules providing for such adaptations of any enactment or instrument referred to in subsection (2) as are necessary for the purpose of enabling each of the methods that are available for the enforcement of a judgment of that court available for the purpose of the enforcement of an order to pay.