Unclaimed Life Assurance Policies Act 2003

Interpretation (Chapter 2).


18. —In this Chapter—

“branch” means an agency or branch of an insurance undertaking or any permanent presence of an undertaking in the State even if that presence does not take the form of an agency or branch but consists merely of an office managed by the insurance undertaking's own staff or by a person who is independent but has permanent authority to act for the insurance undertaking in the same way as an agency;

“by way of services into the State” means the covering of a commitment by an insurance undertaking in the State through a head office or branch situated in another Member State;

“computer” includes a personal organiser or any other electronic means of information storage and retrieval;

“home Member State” means the Member State (other than the State) in which the head office of an insurance undertaking is situated;

“inspector” means a person authorised by the regulatory authority under section 19 to exercise the powers conferred on an inspector by this Chapter;

“Member State” means a Member State of the European Communities;

“record” means any book, document (including accounts) or any other written or printed material in any form including—

(a) any information stored, maintained or preserved by means of any mechanical or electronic device, whether or not stored, maintained or preserved in a legible form and that is capable of being reproduced in a legible form, and

(b) all the electronic or other automatic means, if any, by which any such material or information is capable of being so reproduced and to which an insurance undertaking, being inspected for the purposes of this Chapter, has access;

“supervisory authority” means the authority charged by law with the duty of supervising the activities of insurance undertakings in the home Member State.