Licensing of Indoor Events Act 2003

Revocation of licence.


14. —(1) Where—

(a) a licence has been granted under this Act, and

(b) the person to whom the licence was granted is convicted of an offence under this Act,

the fire authority concerned may apply to the District Court for an order revoking the licence.

(2) The jurisdiction of the District Court to hear an appeal under this section shall be exercised by the judge of the District Court for the time being assigned to the district court district in which the building concerned is situated.

(3) An application under this section shall be on notice to the person referred to in subsection (1)(b) and that person shall be entitled to appear, be heard and adduce evidence at the hearing of the application.

(4) At the hearing of an application under this section the District Court may—

(a) grant the application and direct the fire authority to revoke the licence, or

(b) refuse the application.