Communications Regulation Act 2002


F158[Power of Minister to enter into contract for the operation of emergency call answering service (ECAS).

58B. (1) The Minister may enter into a contract with a person under which the person undertakes to operate an emergency call answering service for a specified period. The contract shall specify terms and conditions for the effective operation of the service and, in particular, shall

(a) specify the maximum call handling fee that the operator is permitted to charge during the first 2 years of the operation of the contract, and

(b) specify that the Commission can increase or reduce the amount of that fee after conducting a review in accordance with section 58D.

(2) On entering into a contract with a person for the operation of the service, the Minister shall, by notice published in Iris Oifigiúil, designate the person as its operator.

(3) While the contract remains in force, the ECAS operator shall provide such information as the Minister or Commission requires to enable the Minister or Commission to perform their respective functions under this or any other enactment.

(4) The Minister may terminate a contract entered into under this section without paying compensation if it is proved that the ECAS operator has failed or is failing to comply with a term or condition of the contract or a requirement imposed under this section.

(5) The Minister may from time to time vary a contract entered into under this section, but, subject to section 58D, only with the consent of the ECAS operator.]




Inserted (15.05.2007) by Communications Regulation (Amendment) Act 2007 (22/2007), s. 16, S.I. No. 224 of 2007.