Communications Regulation Act 2002


F90[Commission to prepare annual financial forecast.

31C. (1) Before the end of each financial year of the Commission, the Commission shall

(a) prepare a financial forecast showing estimates of the Commissions revenue and expenditure for the ensuing financial year in relation to the activities referred to in the Commissions action plan for that year, and

(b) present the forecast to the Minister.

(2) In preparing its annual financial forecast, the Commission shall estimate the amounts of revenue expected to be derived, and the amount of expenditure expected to be made, in respect of each of its functions relating to electronic communications, F91[premium rate services,] managing the radio frequency spectrum and postal services.

(3) As soon as practicable after preparing its annual financial forecast, the Commission shall publish it in a form and manner that will enable members of the public to have access to it.]




Inserted (1.07.2007) by Communications Regulation (Amendment) Act 2007 (22/2007), s. 9, S.I. No. 224 of 2007.


Inserted (12.07.2010) by Communications Regulation (Premium Rate Services and Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act 2010 (2/2010), s. 16(g), S.I. No. 234 of 2010.