Communications Regulation Act 2002

Appointment of Chairperson of Commission.


16.—(1) Where there is more than one Commissioner, the Minister shall appoint one of them to be the chairperson of the Commission (in this section referred to as “the chairperson”).

(2) The Minister shall, when appointing the chairperson, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, fix the terms and conditions, including remuneration, of the chairperson.

(3) The chairperson shall have a casting vote in the case of decisions to be taken by the Commission in the event of a tied vote.

(4) In circumstances where the chairperson is unavailable to perform his or her duties, the Minister shall appoint an acting chairperson to assume the duties of chairperson of the Commission for a stated period not exceeding 6 months. The acting chairperson shall be an existing Commissioner.