Competition Act 2002

Appeal to High Court against declaration under section 4(3).


15.—(1) Any undertaking or association of undertakings concerned or any other person aggrieved by the making of the particular declaration may appeal to the High Court against the making of a declaration under section 4(3).

(2) Such an appeal shall be made to the High Court within 28 days after the date of the publication of the notice under section 4(4) in relation to the declaration or such greater period as the High Court may, on application being made to it, specify for the purposes of this subsection in relation to the particular appeal.

(3) On the hearing of an appeal under this section, the High Court may confirm, amend or annul the declaration concerned.

(4) The High Court, on application being made to it, may by order provide that, pending the hearing and determination of an appeal under this section in relation to a declaration, the declaration shall not have effect for the purposes of section 4(2).