Road Traffic Act 2002

Disqualification by reason of penalty points.


3.F10[(1) Where penalty points are endorsed on the entry of a person and, in consequence, the total number of penalty points standing so endorsed

(a) equals or exceeds 12, or

(b) in the case of a person who at the time such points are endorsed is a learner driver or a novice driver, equals or exceeds 7,

the person shall stand disqualified for a period of 6 months beginning on the appropriate date for holding a licence and a licence held by him or her at the beginning of the period shall stand suspended accordingly.]

(2) At the end of a period of disqualification pursuant to subsection (1) the Minister—

(a) shall cause to be removed from the entry concerned penalty points standing endorsed on it on the date of the notice under section 5 relating to the disqualification, and

(b) shall cause a notice to be given or sent, by post or otherwise, to the person to whom the entry relates—

(i) of the ending of the period and its date, and

(ii) of the removal and particulars of the penalty points the subject of the removal.




Substituted (1.08.2014) by Road Traffic Act 2014 (3/2014), s. 8(c), S.I. No. 147 of 2014.

Modifications (not altering text):



Definition of Minister extended and power to transfer functions of Minister to Road Safety Authority provided (1.09.2006, Establishment Day) by Road Safety Authority Act 2006 (14/2006), s. 4(2), effectively commenced by Establishment Day order S.I. No. 462 of 2006.

Functions of Authority.

4.— ...

(2) The Minister may by order confer on the Authority such functions of the Minister under section 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9 of the Road Traffic Act 2002 or section 36(6), (7) or (8) of the Road Traffic Act 1961 as specified in the order and, accordingly, a reference to the Minister in a provision so specified or connected with it includes a reference to the Authority.


Editorial Notes:


Power pursuant to Road Safety Authority Act 2006 (14/2006), s. 4(2) exercised (13.09.2006) by Road Safety Authority Act 2006 (Conferral of Functions) Order 2006 (S.I. No. 477 of 2006), art. 2.


Previous affecting provision: subs. (1) amended (28.10.2011) by Road Traffic Act 2010 (25/2010), s. 64(2), S.I. No. 543 of 2011; superseded as per F-note above.