Teaching Council Act 2001

Functions of Council.


7.—(1) The functions of the Council shall be to do all things necessary or expedient in accordance with this Act to further the objects of the Council.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Council shall perform the following functions:

(a) promote teaching as a profession;

(b) establish, publish, review and maintain codes of professional conduct for teachers, which shall include standards of teaching, knowledge, skill and competence;

F11[(ba) obtain or receive vetting disclosures for the purposes set out in this Act, for the purpose of its role as a relevant organisation or for the purpose of its role as a relevant organisation representing another relevant organisation for the purposes of the vetting procedures under the Act of 2012;]

(c) establish and maintain a register of teachers;

(d) determine, from time to time, the education and training and qualifications required for a person to be registered;

(e) establish procedures and criteria for registration including the issue of certificates and renewal of registration;

(f) establish procedures in relation to the induction of teachers into the teaching profession;

(g) establish procedures and criteria for probation of teachers including periods of probation;

(h) advise the Minister in relation to all or any of the following:

(i) the minimum standards of educational qualifications required for entry into programmes of teacher education and training;

(ii) the professional development of teachers;

(iii) teacher supply;

(iv) any other matter relating to the functions of the Council as the Council considers appropriate or as requested by the Minister;

(i) conduct inquiries into and, where appropriate, impose sanctions in relation to, the fitness to teach of any registered teacher;

(j) conduct or commission research on matters relevant to the objects of the Council and, as it considers appropriate, to publish in such form and manner as the Council thinks fit the findings arising out of such research;

(k) represent the teaching profession on educational issues and establish procedures for the exchange of information with teachers, organisations involved in education and the public;

(l) provide the Minister with such information as the Minister may from time to time require;

(m) review and accredit programmes of teacher education and training for the purpose of registration;

F12[(n) act as a competent authority within the meaning of Regulation 2(1) of the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (Directive 2005/36/EC) Regulations 2008 (S.I. No. 139 of 2008);]

(o) act as the competent authority for the recognition of qualifications, obtained in a state other than a Member State of the European Communities, by a person who has applied under this Act to be registered;

(p) as the Minister may direct, co-operate with such body as may be established in Northern Ireland, which performs similar functions to the Council, in relation to teacher qualifications and teacher exchanges between the State and Northern Ireland.

(3) The Council in the performance of its functions shall—

(a) implement the policies relating to teacher education and training, probation, qualification, professional conduct and standards of teaching as established, from time to time, by the Minister,

(b) have regard to the implications of its advice to the Minister under subsection (2)(h) for the resources, including financial resources, available and to the practical implementation of any such F12[advice,]

(c) as the Minister may direct, co-operate with the body referred to in subsection (2)(p) in relation to those matters which are within the respective competence of such body and the Council and which such body and the Council agree are of mutual interest and benefit to the teaching profession in the State and F12[Northern Ireland, and]

F11[(d) have regard to the need to protect children and vulnerable persons.]




Inserted (29.04.2016) by Teaching Council (Amendment) Act 2015 (31/2015), s. 3(a)(i), (b)(iii), S.I. No. 222 of 2016.


Substituted (29.04.2016) by Teaching Council (Amendment) Act 2015 (31/2015), s. 3(a)(ii), (b)(i), (ii), S.I. No. 222 of 2016.