Teaching Council Act 2001

Assignment of additional functions.


54.—The Minister may by regulation, from time to time, as he or she considers necessary or appropriate, following consultation with the Council and any other Minister of the Government who in the opinion of the Minister is concerned, confer on the Council such additional functions and, consequentially, modify any existing function of the Council, connected with or relating to—

(a) teacher education and training or any other matter relating to the teaching profession and teachers, or

(b) the services or activities that the Council is authorised for the time being to provide or carry on,

including functions for the purpose of giving effect to—

(i) any provision of the treaties governing the European Communities,

(ii) any directive, regulation or other act adopted by an institution of the European Communities, or

(iii) a judgement of the European Court of Justice,

relating to teachers or the teaching profession.