Teaching Council Act 2001


F51[Information Council may publish in public interest

46B.The Council, if satisfied that it is in the public interest to do so shall

(a) advise the public when

(i) a decision takes effect under this Part in relation to a registered teacher to remove the teacher from the register, suspend the teacher from the register, retain the teacher on the register subject to conditions or to advise, censure or admonish the teacher, or

(ii) a decision referred to in section 46A(1) comes to the attention of the Council,


(b) following consultation with the Disciplinary Committee, publish (with or without any information which would enable any party to an inquiry to be identified)

(i) the findings of a panel under section 43(17)(b), and

(ii) the decision of a panel under section 44(1).]




Inserted (25.07.2016) by Teaching Council (Amendment) Act 2015 (31/2015), s. 28, S.I. No. 408 of 2016.