Teaching Council Act 2001

Review of standards required for entry into teaching profession.


38.—(1) The Council shall, from time to time—

F36[(a) review, and where appropriate accredit, the programmes of teacher education and training provided by institutions of higher education.]

(b) review the standards of education and training appropriate to a person entering a programme of teacher education and training, and

(c) review the standards of knowledge, skill and competence required for the practice of teaching,

and shall advise the Minister and, as it considers appropriate, the institutions concerned.

(2) The Council shall consult with the Minister and with such institutions of higher education and training in the State as it considers appropriate for the purpose of the performance of its functions under subsection (1).




Substituted (6.06.2012) by Education (Amendment) Act 2012 (14/2012), s. 10, S.I. No. 190 of 2012.