Teaching Council Act 2001

Functions of Executive Committee.


26.—The functions of the Executive Committee shall be—

(a) to facilitate and assist the Council in the performance of its functions;

(b) to prepare, in consultation with the Director, the agenda for the general meetings of the Council;

(c) to co-ordinate the activities of committees (other than the Investigating Committee or the Disciplinary Committee) and the operations of the Council generally;

(d) to fill casual vacancies in accordance with section 24(8);

(e) when, due to exigencies of time or for any other reason, the Council is unable to meet, to do all or any of the following:

(i) to act on behalf of the Council;

(ii) to make interim orders on behalf of the Council and any such orders shall be subject to confirmation by the Council within the period specified by the Council in its procedures which period shall not exceed 28 days from the making of the order concerned;

(iii) to authorise expenditure, subject to such regulations as may be made from time to time by the Council and to budgetary constraints;

(f) to advise the Council as it considers appropriate;

(g) to review and make recommendations to the Council in respect of the establishment, membership, terms of reference and continuance of committees;

(h) to report, as directed from time to time by the Council, on its activities; and

(i) to perform such other functions as the Council may from time to time delegate to it.