Youth Work Act 2001

Review of F25[the education and training board]'s refusal to designate organisation.


30.—(1) Where an organisation has applied to F25[an education and training board] to be designated under section 29 and F25[the education and training board] has refused the application, F25[the education and training board] shall, by notice in writing, inform the organisation of the reasons for the refusal and the organisation may, within 21 days after the date when the notice was given, make representations to the Assessor of Youth Work giving reasons why, in its view, the refusal of designation is not warranted.

(2) The Assessor of Youth Work shall consider any representation made to him or her under subsection (1) and shall make a recommendation to F25[the education and training board] on the matter.




Substituted (1.07.2013) by Education and Training Boards Act 2013 (11/2013), s. 72 and sch. 6 item 38, S.I. No. 211 of 2013.