Local Government Act 2001

Amenity, recreation and other functions.


67.—(1) In accordance with and subject to section 66, a local authority may take such measures, engage in such activities or do such things (including the incurring of expenditure) as it considers necessary or desirable to promote the interests of the local community in relation to the matters indicated in subsection (2).

(2) (a) The matters referred to in subsection (1) are—

(i) general recreational and leisure activities,

(ii) sports, games and similar activities,

(iii) artistic, linguistic and cultural activities,

(iv) civic improvements,

(v) general environmental and heritage protection and improvement,

(vi) allotments, fairs and markets, and related amenities, facilities and services,

(vii) the public use of amenities (both natural and made or altered by human intervention), and

(viii) the promotion of public safety.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a), the matters referred to in subsection (1) shall also include the matters set out in the first column of Schedule 13 as expanded upon in the second column of that Schedule.

(3) This section also applies to any amenity, facility, service, allotment or any other thing referred to in section 31(4) of the Local Government Act, 1994.

(4) Nothing in this section shall be read as limiting the operation of section 66.