Local Government Act 2001

Ancillary functions of local authorities.


65.—(1) A local authority may do anything ancillary, supplementary or incidental to or consequential on or necessary to give full effect to, or which will facilitate or is conducive to the performance of, a function conferred on it by this or any other enactment or which can advantageously be performed by the authority in conjunction with the performance of such a function.

(2) The reference in subsection (1) to a function conferred on a local authority shall be read as including—

(a) all such functions as may at any material time stand conferred on the local authority by or under any enactment (including this Act and any other enactment whether enacted before or after this Act),

(b) the provision of offices, equipment or the doing of anything else which is necessary for or related to the general operation, organisation or administration of the authority.

(3) Every enactment relating to a function of a local authority shall be read and have effect in accordance with this section.