Local Government Act 2001

Regional authorities, functions.


237.—A regional authority established by the Local Government Act, 1991 (Regional Authorities) (Establishment) Order, 1999 (S.I. No. 226 of 1999), made under section 43 of the Local Government Act, 1991, shall have and be deemed always to have had such functions in connection with assistance from the European Communities as are specified in that order.


Modifications (not altering text):


"Regional authorities" construed (1.06.2014) by Local Government Reform Act 2014 (1/2014), s. 62(2)(b), S.I. No. 214 of 20214.

Regional assemblies

62. ...

(2) ...

(b) references in any enactment to regional authorities within the meaning of section 43 (as amended by this Act) of the Local Government Act 1991 shall, where the context admits, be read as references to regional assemblies,