Local Government Act 2001

Certain bye-laws to be submitted to appropriate Minister.


201.—(1) This section applies to a bye-law which by virtue of regulations under subsection (2) is required to be submitted to the appropriate Minister.

(2) (a) The appropriate Minister may make regulations under this section for the purpose of designating any matter or classes of matters in relation to which a bye-law requires the approval of that Minister and any such bye-law made subsequent to the commencement of such regulations shall not come into operation unless so approved.

(b) Subject to this section, section 200 applies to a bye-law to which this section applies but a notice to be published by the local authority under section 200(1) shall state that the bye-law to be made by the local authority is subject to the approval of the appropriate Minister and that the authority is required to submit all submissions which it receives to that Minister together with its comments (if any) on them.

(3) A local authority shall, as soon as may be after the making under section 200 of a bye-law to which this section applies, submit a copy to the appropriate Minister together with a copy of any submissions made to the authority under section 200(1) and not withdrawn and any comments which it may wish to make on those submissions.

(4) The appropriate Minister, having considered the documents submitted by the local authority under subsection (3), may—

(a) approve the bye-law, or

(b) approve the bye-law subject to such amendments as that Minister may incorporate in it, or

(c) refuse to approve the bye-law.

(5) The appropriate Minister shall in approving a bye-law under this section endorse on it a statement that the bye-law has been so approved and shall specify the date on which it shall come into operation.