Local Government Act 2001



188. In this Part

F242 [ functional area means as respects

(a) a city council, the city,

(b) a county council, the county,

(c) a city and county council, the city and county; ]

F242 [ locality means a part (other than a town, townland or street) of a county, city, city and county, or town in respect of which a name (other than the name of the county, city, city and county, or town concerned) is in common use; ]

F243 [ ]

F242 [ placename includes the name of a county, city, city and county, town, village, barony, parish, townland, street or locality, district, region or place, as described in a map produced by Ordnance Survey Ireland; ]

qualified elector means a person who, in relation to a place (including a street) to which a placename applies, is registered as a local government elector in the register of electors for the time being in force;

street includes

( a ) part of a street, and

( b ) a road, square, lane or any other public place or part thereof. ]