Local Government Act 2001

F170[Costs of ratepayer plebiscite.


129H. (1) If less than 20 percent of the ratepayers who vote in a ratepayer plebiscite vote in favour of having the rating authority concerned approve implementation of the BID proposal as a BID scheme, the BID proponent is liable to pay all costs incurred by the rating authority in relation to that proposal.

(2) The costs for which a BID proponent is liable under subsection (1) are recoverable as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction and, if there is more than one such proponent, those proponents are jointly and severally liable for those costs.]




Part 13A (ss. 129A-129T) inserted (24.04.2007) by Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006 (42/2006), s. 6, S.I. No. 165 of 2007.