Local Government Act 2001


Interpretation (Part 12A)

126A. In this Part

"appropriate Minister" means any Minister of the Government (other than the Minister)

(a) on whom functions stand conferred, or

(b) who has general responsibility,

in respect of or in connection with the matter in question;

"Commission" means the National Oversight and Audit Commission established under this Part;

"local authority" includes a joint body and a joint committee;

"local government body" means

(a) a local authority,

(b) a regional assembly,

(c) any trust or other body (whether corporate or unincorporated) over which one or more local authorities or regional assemblies, or both, exercise actual or effective control whether directly or indirectly through nominees (however described) or otherwise,

and includes any trust or other body, or a class of trust or other body, to which a determination under section 126L(3) relates;

"report", in relation to a report of the Commission other than its annual report, means a report or information under section 126C(1)(i) or a report under section 126D.]




Inserted (1.06.2014) by Local Government Reform Act 2014 (1/2014), s. 61(1), S.I. No. 214 of 2014.