Carer's Leave Act 2001

Confirmation of carer’s leave.


10.—(1) Where an employee has given his or her employer the decision referred to in section 6(1)(b), the employee and the employer shall, on a date that is not less than 2 weeks before the proposed commencement of the carer’s leave concerned, prepare and sign a document (referred to in this Act as a “confirmation document”) specifying the date of the commencement of the carer’s leave, its duration and the form in which it will be taken.

(2) Subsection (1) shall apply to the taking of carer’s leave in accordance with section 9(4) and the employee and the employer shall prepare and sign the confirmation document as soon as may be.

(3) An employer shall retain a confirmation document signed by him or her and shall give a copy of it to the employee concerned who shall retain it.

(4) A confirmation document, including any amendments to it made under section 12(1), shall be a notice for the purposes of section 31.