Equal Status Act 2000

Prohibited advertising.


12.—(1) A person shall not publish or display or cause to be published or displayed an advertisement which indicates an intention to engage in prohibited conduct or might reasonably be understood as indicating such an intention.

(2) A person who makes a statement which the person knows to be false with a view to securing a publication or display in contravention of subsection (1) shall, upon the publication or display being made, be guilty of an offence.

(3) In subsection (1), “advertisement” includes every form of advertisement, whether to the public or not and whether in a newspaper or other publication, on television or radio or by display of a notice or by any other means, and references to the publishing or display of advertisements shall be construed accordingly.


Editorial Notes:


Power granted to Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to serve equality and human rights compliance notice on any person who has contravened subs. (1) (1.11.2014) by Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014 (25/2014), s. 36(1)(b), S.I. No. 449 of 2014.