National Minimum Wage Act 2000

Entitlement to minimum hourly rate of pay.


F20 [ 14. Subject to sections 15 , 17 , 18 and 41 , an employee shall be remunerated by his or her employer in respect of the employee s working hours in any pay reference period, at an hourly rate of pay that on average is not less than the national minimum hourly rate of pay. ]




Substituted (4.03.2019) by Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 (38/2018), s. 18, S.I. No. 69 of 2019.

Editorial Notes:


Subcontracted posted worker provided with remedy for breach of section (27.07.2016) by European Union (Posting of Workers) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 412 of 2016), reg. 9(1)(a).