Protection of Children (Hague Convention) Act 2000

Evidence in proceedings.


7.—(1) Any document purporting to be a document forwarded or delivered under the Convention may be admitted as evidence that it is such a document and as evidence of any matter to which it relates, subject to such authentication, if any, as the court may require.

(2) A document purporting to be—

(a) a translation of a document mentioned in subsection (1), and

(b) certified as correct by a person competent to do so,

may be admitted as evidence of the translation.

(3) (a) Where a document is admissible in evidence by virtue of subsection (1) or (2), it may be given in evidence, whether or not the document is still in existence, by producing a copy of the document, or of the material part of it, authenticated in such manner as the court may approve.

(b) For the purposes of paragraph (a) the copy produced may be at more than one remove from the original, and that copy and any intermediate copy may have been made by any means, including facsimile transmission.

(4) Without prejudice to subsections (1) and (3)(a), a document purporting to be a copy of a measure taken by a competent authority of another contracting state shall, for the purposes of this Act, be regarded as being duly authenticated if it purports—

(a) to bear the seal of the authority, or

(b) to be certified by a person in his or her capacity as a judge or officer of the authority to be a true copy of a measure taken by it.