Planning and Development Act 2000

Power to acquire structure or other land in architectural conservation area.


83.—(1) A planning authority may acquire, by agreement or compulsorily, any land situated within an architectural conservation area if the planning authority is of the opinion—

(a) that it is necessary to so do in order to preserve the character of the architectural conservation area, and

(b) (i) the condition of the land, or the use to which the land or any structure on the land is being put, detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the character or appearance of the architectural conservation area, or

(ii) the acquisition of the land is necessary for the development or renewal of the architectural conservation area or for the provision of amenities in the area.

(2) A planning authority shall not compulsorily acquire any land under subsection (1) that is lawfully occupied as a dwelling house by any person other than a person employed therein as a caretaker.

(3) Sections 71(2) to 78 of this Act shall, subject to any necessary modifications, apply to acquisitions under subsection (1) and references in those provisions to a protected structure shall, for the purposes of this section, be construed as references to a structure or other land situated within an architectural conservation area.