Planning and Development Act 2000

F307[Request for LRD meeting.


32B. (1) A prospective LRD applicant may, once he or she has consulted the appropriate planning authority or authorities in whose area or areas the proposed LRD would be situated in accordance with section 247, request an LRD meeting with that planning authority or authorities.

(2) A request under subsection (1) shall be in writing, be accompanied by the appropriate fee and include—

(a) the name and address of the prospective LRD applicant,

(b) a site location map sufficient to identify the land on which the proposed development would be situated,

(c) a brief description of the nature and purpose of the proposed development and of its possible effects on the environment,

(d) a draft layout plan of the proposed development,

(e) a brief description of any proposals to provide for water services infrastructure, including, in the case where it is proposed to connect the proposed development to a public water or wastewater network or both, evidence that Irish Water has confirmed that it is feasible to provide the appropriate service or services and that the relevant network or networks have the capacity to service the proposed development,

(f) details of any consultations that have taken place with prescribed bodies or the public,

(g) such other information, drawings or representations as the prospective LRD applicant may wish to provide or make available,

(ga) a statement setting out how the proposed LRD has had regard to the relevant objectives of the development plan or local area plan in whose area or areas the proposed LRD would be situated, and

(h) such further information as may be prescribed.

(3) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2)(h), the Minister may, in particular, for the purposes of that paragraph, prescribe information regarding the following matters:

(a) the proposed types of houses and student accommodation units and their design, including proposed internal floor areas, housing density, plot ratio, site coverage, building heights, proposed layout and aspect;

(b) the provision of public and private open spaces, landscaping, play facilities, pedestrian permeability, vehicular access and parking provision, where relevant;

(c) the provision of ancillary services, where required, including child care facilities;

(d) any proposals to address or, where relevant, integrate the proposed development with surrounding land uses;

(e) road infrastructure;

(f) any proposals to provide for services infrastructure (including water, wastewater and cabling, including broadband provision), and any phasing proposals;

(g) proposals under Part V, where relevant;

(h) details of protected structures and archaeological monuments included in the Record of Monuments and Places, where relevant;

(i) any aspect of the proposed development likely to have significant effects on the environment or significant effects on a European site.

(4) The planning authority may, prior to the LRD meeting taking place, consult with any person who may, in the opinion of the planning authority, have information that is relevant for the purposes of the LRD meeting in relation to a proposed development.

(5) Where a planning authority consults with a person under subsection (4), a written record shall be taken of such a consultation and kept by the planning authority and a copy of such record shall be placed and kept with the documents to which any application in respect of that proposed development relates.]




Inserted (17.12.2021) by Planning and Development (Large Scale Residential Developments) Act 2021 (40/2021), s. 3, S.I. No. 715 of 2021.


Inserted by Planning and Development, Maritime and Valuation (Amendment) Act 2022 (29/2022), s. 10, not commenced as of date of revision.

Modifications (not altering text):


Prospective affecting provision: subs. (6) inserted by Planning and Development, Maritime and Valuation (Amendment) Act 2022 (29/2022), s. 10, not commenced as of date of revision.

F308[(6) A request by a prospective LRD applicant under subsection (1) may include a request that the LRD meeting be treated as a meeting for the purposes of section 32I and such request shall comply with section 32H(2).]

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Power pursuant to section exercsied (17.12.2021) by Planning and Development (Large-scale Residential Development) Regulations 2021 (S.I. No. 716 of 2021), in effect as per reg. 2.