Planning and Development Act 2000

F255[Office to have regard to certain policies and objectives and to requirements


31S. (1) The Office shall, in performing its functions, have regard to

(a) the policies and objectives for the time being of the Government, a State authority (including Ministerial guidelines, policy directives and directions issued under Chapter IV of Part II), F256[or section 7 or 8 of the Maritime Area Planning Act 2021,] planning authorities and any other body which is a public authority whose functions have, or may have, a bearing on the proper planning and sustainable development of cities, towns, villages or other areas, whether urban or rural, F256[or maritime spatial planning,]

(b) the public interest and any effect the performance of the Offices functions may have on issues of strategic, economic or social importance to the State,

(c) the National Planning Framework (or, where appropriate, the National Spatial Strategy) F256[, the National Marine Planning Framework] and any regional spatial and economic strategy for the time being in force, and

(d) the requirements of relevant acts of the European Union, in particular, those relating to

(i) the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive,

(ii) Directive 2001/42/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 27 June 2001 on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment2,

(iii) the Habitats Directive, and

(iv) the Birds Directives,

in so far as those requirements relate to planning authorities by virtue of being designated as competent authorities for the purposes of those acts.

(2) In this section "public authority" means any body established by or under statute which is for the time being declared, by regulations made by the Minister, to be a public authority for the purposes of this section.]




Inserted (3.04.2019) by Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2018 (16/2018), s. 4, S.I. No. 133 of 2019, art. 2(a).


Inserted (1.10.2022) by Maritime Area Planning Act 2021 (50/2021), s. 174 and sch. 12 ref. no. 9, S.I. No. 488 of 2022.