Planning and Development Act 2000

F239[Requirement for transport impact assessment for certain classes of development.


31I. (1) The Minister may, in respect of the GDA and following consultation with the DTA, make regulations specifying

(a) classes of development, including strategic infrastructure development, requiring the submission of a transport impact assessment in respect of applications for development, and

(b) the format and content of a transport impact assessment.

(2) Regulations under subsection (1) may require that a transport impact assessment demonstrate that the proposed development in respect of which the assessment has been prepared would be consistent with the transport strategy of the DTA.

(3) Before granting permission for a development which requires a transport impact assessment under regulations made under subsection (1), a planning authority shall satisfy itself that the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed development would be consistent with the transport strategy of the DTA.

(4) In this section "transport impact assessment" means a report outlining what additional transport impacts a particular proposed development will generate and how it will integrate into existing transport patterns.]




Inserted (4.01.2010) by Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 (15/2008), s. 95, S.I. No. 574 of 2009.