Planning and Development Act 2000

F842[Submissions or observations by person other than the applicant for substitute consent or planning authority.


177H.F843[(1) Any person (other than the applicant for substitute consent) or a planning authority may make submissions or observations (including submissions or observations as to the existence or absence of exceptional circumstances justifying a grant of substitute consent) to the Board in relation to an application for substitute consent, and any such submissions or observations shall be in writing.]

(2) Submissions or observations that are made under this section shall not be considered by the Board if the person who submits them has not complied with any relevant requirements prescribed by regulations under section 177N.

(3) Subsection (2) shall not apply in relation to submissions or observations made by a Member State or another state which is a party to the Transboundary Convention, arising from consultation in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive or the Transboundary Convention, as the case may be, in relation to the effects on the environment of the development to which an application for substitute consent relates.]




Inserted (21.09.2011) by Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010 (30/2010), s. 57, S.I. No. 475 of 2011.


Substituted (19.12.2020) by Planning and Development, and Residential Tenancies, Act 2020 (27/2020), s. 7, commenced on enactment.