Planning and Development Act 2000

Permission not required for any works required under this Part.


163.—Notwithstanding Part III F686[or section 293], permission shall not be required in respect of development required by a notice under section 154 or an order under section 160 F687[(disregarding development for which there is in fact permission under Part III F686[or section 293] or in respect of which a certificate has been issued by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority under section 25(7)(a)(ii) of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act 1997 or by the Custom House Docks Development Authority under section 12(6)(b) of the Urban Renewal Act 1986)].




Inserted (1.10.2022) by Maritime Area Planning Act 2021 (50/2021), s. 174 and sch. 12 ref. no. 26, S.I. No. 488 of 2022.


Substituted (1.03.2016, dissolution day) by Dublin Docklands Development Authority (Dissolution) Act 2015 (55/2015), s. 35, commenced on enactment subject to dissolution order S.I. No. 114 of 2016.