Road Transport Act 1999

Regulations relating to transport discs.


7.—(1) The Minister may by regulations prescribe the fee to be paid on an application for a transport disc. and may prescribe different fees in respect of different kinds or categories of transport discs, whether as fixed amounts or amounts determined by reference to the type of vehicles to be operated under the licence or by reference to such other matters as the Minister considers are relevant in connection with the charging of such fees.

(2) A regulation under subsection (1) may provide that all or a specified portion of any fee that is paid on an application for a transport disc is not required to be returned to the applicant and may be retained by the Minister as administrative costs in the event that the disc is not issued.

(3) The Minister may by regulations exempt any class of holder of a road passenger transport operator’s licence or vehicles of any specified class of such holder from the requirements of section 5.