Education Act 1998

Revocation of establishment order.


59.(1) The Minister may at any time by order revoke an establishment order.

(2) A revoking order shall contain such provisions as the Minister thinks necessary or expedient consequential on the revocation, and, in particular, may make provision for—

(a) the dissolution of the body established by the establishment order and the transfer or distribution of the property, rights and liabilities thereof to any of the following—

(i) the Minister, or

(ii) any one or more than one other body established by an establishment order,

(b) the preservation of continuing contracts made by the dissolved body,

(c) the continuance of pending legal proceedings,

(d) notwithstanding any restriction in any other Act, the transfer of the holder of any office under the dissolved body to—

(i) the Department of Education and Science, or

(ii) any other body established by an establishment order.