Education Act 1998



49.In this Part—

candidate” means a person who, in accordance with procedures determined from time to time by the Minister, is registered to present himself or herself for an examination;

examiner” means a person who is employed by the Minister for the purpose of—

( a) the preparation of examination papers or other examination materials,

( b) the marking of such papers or other such materials, or

( c) the carrying out of any other functions in respect of the conduct of examinations;

examination” means an examination relating to post-primary, adult and vocational education and vocational training as may from time to time be conducted in accordance with procedures determined by the Minister or by a body of persons established by the Minister and to which this Part applies in accordance with section 50 ;

examination paper” includes any paper, plan, map, drawing, diagram, pictorial or graphic work or other document and any photograph, film or recording (whether of sound or images or both)—

( a) in which questions are set for answer by candidates as part of an examination or which are related to such questions, or

( b) in which projects or practical exercises are set which candidates are required to complete as part of an examination or which are related to such projects or exercises.