Education Act 1998

Chief executive officer.


43.(1) The Minister shall, from time to time, appoint to the Council in a whole-time capacity a chief executive officer who shall carry on, manage and generally control the administration of the Council and shall manage and control the staff of the Council.

(2) The person who, immediately before the day on which the chief executive officer is appointed under subsection (1), holds the office of chief executive officer of the body of persons known as National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, being an unincorporated and non-statutory body of persons appointed by the Minister shall, if he or she so consents, be appointed as the first chief executive officer of the Council.

(3) The chief executive officer shall be employed by the Minister in accordance with such terms and conditions, which may include secondment from another office or employment, and receive such remuneration as the Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, from time to time determines.