Education Act 1998

The school plan.


21.(1) A board shall, as soon as may be after its appointment, make arrangements for the preparation of a plan (in this section referred to as the “school plan”) and shall ensure that the plan is regularly reviewed and updated.

(2) The school plan shall state the objectives of the school relating to equality of access to and participation in the school and the measures which the school proposes to take to achieve those objectives including equality of access to and participation in the school by students with disabilities or who have other special educational needs.

(3) The school plan shall be prepared in accordance with such directions, including directions relating to consultation with the parents, the patron, staff and students of the school, as may be given from time to time by the Minister in relation to school plans.

(4) A board shall make arrangements for the circulation of copies of the school plan to the patron, parents, teachers and other staff of the school.


Editorial Notes:


Additional information (statement of strategy) in relation to plans prepared under section prescribed (5.07.2002) by Education (Welfare) Act 2000 (22/2000), s. 22(8), commenced as per s. 1(3).