Education Act 1998

Report on operation of board.


19.(1) Where the Minister or the patron is of the opinion that the functions of a board are not being effectively discharged, the Minister or the patron, as the case may be, shall inform the board of that opinion and the reasons therefor.

(2) Having considered any representations by the board, the Minister or the patron, as the case may be, may authorise any person or persons as the Minister or the patron may deem appropriate to report to the Minister or the patron or both the Minister and the patron on any matter arising from or relating to the operation of that board.

(3) Any person appointed to prepare a report under this section shall be entitled at all reasonable times to enter any premises occupied by the school concerned and shall be afforded every facility and co-operation by the board, the teachers and other staff of the school, including access to all records, to perform his or her functions.

(4) A Principal or board shall supply the patron and the Minister with such information regarding the performance of the board's functions as the patron or the Minister, as the case may be, may from time to time require.

(5) Where either the Minister or a patron proposes to exercise functions under this section then—

(a) the Minister shall inform the patron, or

(b) the patron shall inform the Minister,

as appropriate, of the proposed course of action.