Employment Equality Act 1998

Positive action permitted.


F59 [ 33. Nothing in this Part or Part II shall render unlawful measures maintained or adopted with a view to ensuring full equality in practice between employees, being measures

( a ) to prevent or compensate for disadvantages linked to any of the discriminatory grounds (other than the gender ground),

( b ) to protect the health or safety at work of persons with a disability, or

( c ) to create or maintain facilities for safeguarding or promoting the integration of such persons into the working environment. ]




Substituted (18.072004) by Equality Act 2004 (24/2004), s. 22, commenced on enactment.

Modifications (not altering text):

Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: word “traveller” in subs. (1)(c) capitalised (25.10.2000) by Equal Status Act 2000 (8/2000), s. 39 and sch. para. (e), S.I. No. 351 of 2000; superseded as per F-note above.