Fisheries (Amendment) Act 1997

Submission of documents, etc., to Board by Minister.


43.(1) The Board shall, as soon as practicable after receiving a notice of appeal, send by post to the Minister a copy of the notice.

(2) The Minister shall, within 14 days after receiving a copy of the notice of appeal sent to him or her in accordance with subsection (1), submit to the Board—

(a) a copy of the aquaculture licence application concerned and of any drawings, maps, particulars, evidence, environmental impact statement, other written study or further information received or obtained from the applicant for the licence in accordance with a requirement of or under regulations under this Act,

(b) a copy of any report prepared for the Minister in relation to the application, revocation or amendment, and

(c) a copy of any document recording the decision of the Minister in respect of the application, revocation or amendment and of the notification of the decision given to the applicant.