Fisheries (Amendment) Act 1997

Delegation of certain functions by Minister.


21.(1) The Minister may, by instrument under his or her hand or seal, delegate to a named officer of the Minister who is an established civil servant for the purpose of the Civil Service Regulation Act, 1956, the function of determining applications for licences, or applications of a particular class or description.

(2) A delegation under subsection (1) is without prejudice to the right of the Minister to perform the function delegated.

(3) Subject to section 62 (2), a function delegated under subsection (1) shall be exercisable and performed by the delegate in accordance with—

(a) the general directives, if any, issued under section 62 (1) by the Minister,

(b) the general superintendence and control of the Minister, and

(c) such limitations, if any, as may be specified by the Minister in the instrument of delegation or in writing at any time after the delegation of the function.

(4) The Minister may, at any time, revoke a delegation under sub-section (1).

(5) Where a delegation under subsection (1) is revoked at a time when an application for a licence has not been fully determined by the delegate, the Minister himself or herself, or another duly delegated officer, may determine the application.

(6) In this section, a reference to determining applications for aquaculture licences shall include a reference to determining applications for reviews of aquaculture licences.