Organisation of Working Time Act 1997

Provisions in relation to outworkers who are employees.


32.(1) An employer who employs any outworkers shall keep, in the prescribed form, a register in which he or she shall cause to be entered prescribed particulars in respect of each such worker for the time being employed by him or her.

(2) The Minister may, by regulations, prohibit an employer from employing outworkers to do a specified class or classes of work unless the employer complies with specified conditions in respect of the employment of the outworkers to do the said work.

(3) An employer who—

(a) fails to comply with subsection (1), or

(b) fails to comply with any condition specified in regulations under subsection (2) in respect of the employment by him or her of an outworker to do work of a class specified in such regulations,

shall be guilty of an offence.