Credit Union Act 1997

Effect of registration.


9.— (1) By virtue of its registration, a credit union shall be a body corporate known by its registered name (by which it may sue and be sued) with perpetual succession, a common seal and limited liability.

(2) The registration of a credit union shall vest in the credit union all property for the time being vested in any person in trust for the credit union and all proceedings pending by or against the trustees of the credit union may be brought or continued by or against the credit union in its registered name.

(3) Legal proceedings in respect of any contract or other transaction—

( a) entered into by an unincorporated society before the date on which it becomes a credit union, or

( b) purporting to be entered into by such a society or by any person on its behalf before that date,

may, on or after that date, be brought by or against the credit union, subject to the Statute of Limitations, 1957, as if it had been registered as a credit union at the date of the contract or other transaction.