Credit Union Act 1997

Functions of the F170 [ Bank ].


84. (1) The F170 [ Bank ] shall administer the system of regulation and supervision of credit unions provided for by or under this Act with a view to—

( a) the protection by each credit union of the funds of its members, and

( b) the maintenance of the financial stability and well-being of credit unions generally.

(2) The F170 [ Bank ] shall have power to do anything which, in F170 [ its ] opinion, is necessary to facilitate the exercise of F170 [ its ] functions or is incidental to or consequential on their exercise; and, in the exercise of any such power, the F170 [ Bank ] may consult the Advisory Committee and such other bodies as appear to F170 [ it ] to be expert or knowledgeable in matters relating to credit unions.

(3) Neither the registration of a credit union nor the imposition of any prudential, supervisory or reporting requirements or conditions by the F170 [ Bank ] shall constitute a warranty as to the solvency of the credit union to which registration is given; and neither the State nor the F170 [ Bank ] shall be liable in respect of any losses incurred through the insolvency or default of a society which is registered as a credit union.