Credit Union Act 1997

Supplementing provisions as to general meetings.


82. (1) The F166 [ Bank ] shall have the right to attend and speak at any general meeting of a credit union.

(2) At a general meeting of a credit union, or any adjournment thereof, each member shall have only one vote on each question, irrespective of his shareholding in the credit union.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), a member of a credit union may not vote by proxy at a general meeting of the credit union.

(4) Where a member of a credit union is not a natural person, that member may be represented at a general meeting by a representative who may vote on behalf of the member if—

( a) the representative is duly authorised in writing by the member to do so; and

( b) the board of directors of the credit union have, expressly or by implication, accepted that authorisation;

and such a representative shall be entitled to exercise, on behalf of the member, the same powers as the member could exercise if the member were a natural person.

(5) Any provision in the rules of a credit union shall be void in so far as it would have the effect either—

F167 [ ( a ) of excluding the right to demand a poll at a general meeting (or an adjourned meeting) on any question, other than the election of the chair of the meeting (or the adjourned meeting); or ]

( b) of making ineffective a demand for a poll on any such question which is made by not less than ten members having the right to vote at the meeting (or, as the case may be, the adjourned meeting).