Credit Union Act 1997

Proceedings on death of nominator.


22. (1) Subject to subsection (2), where any member of a credit union has made a nomination under section 21 , the board of directors, on receiving satisfactory proof of the death of that member, and if and to the extent that the nomination is valid under subsection (1) of that section, shall in the case of each person entitled under the nomination either transfer to him, or pay him the full value of, the property to which he is so entitled.

(2) Where any of the property comprised in a nomination under section 21 consists of shares in the credit union, subsection (1) shall have effect notwithstanding that the rules of the credit union declare the shares in the credit union not to be transferable; but if the transfer of any shares comprised in the nomination in the manner directed by the nominator would raise the shareholding of any nominee beyond the maximum for the time being permitted in the case of that credit union, the board of directors—

( a) shall not transfer to that nominee more of those shares than will raise his shareholding to that maximum; and

( b) shall pay him or transfer to his deposit account the value of any of those shares not transferred.

(3) Where any sum falls to be paid under subsection (1) or subsection (2) to a nominee under the age of sixteen years, the credit union may pay that sum to either parent, or to a guardian, of the nominee or to any other person of full age—

( a) who will undertake to hold it on trust for the nominee or to apply it for his benefit; and

( b) whom the credit union may think a fit and proper person for the purpose;

and a receipt for that sum signed by that parent, guardian or other person shall be a sufficient discharge to the credit union for all money so paid.