Credit Union Act 1997

Further powers of the Court.


151. (1) Where it appears to the Court, on the application of the examiner, that, having regard to the matters referred to in subsection (2), it is just and equitable to do so, it may make an order that all or any of the functions which are vested in or exercisable by the directors (whether by virtue of the rules of the credit union or by law or otherwise) shall be performable or exercisable only by the examiner.

(2) The matters to which the Court is to have regard for the purpose of subsection (1) are—

( a) that the affairs of the credit union are being conducted, or are likely to be conducted, in a manner which is calculated or likely to prejudice the interests of the credit union or of its members or of its creditors as a whole; or

( b) that it is expedient, for the purpose of preserving the assets of the credit union or of safeguarding the interests of the credit union or of its members or of its creditors as a whole, that the carrying on of the business of the credit union by, or the exercise of the powers of, its directors should be curtailed or regulated in any particular respect; or

( c) that the credit union, or its directors, have resolved that an order under subsection (1) should be sought; or

( d) any other matter in relation to the credit union the Court thinks relevant.

(3) Where the Court makes an order under subsection (1), it may, for the purpose of giving full effect to the order, include such conditions in the order and make such ancillary or other orders as it sees fit.

(4) Without prejudice to the generality of subsections (1) and (3), an order under this section may provide that the examiner shall have all or any of the powers that he would have if he were a liquidator appointed by the Court in respect of the credit union and, where such an order so provides, the Court shall have all the powers that it would have if it had made a winding up order and appointed a liquidator in respect of the credit union concerned.