Criminal Law Act 1997



2.(1) In this Act, and in any amendment made by this Act in any other enactment—

arrestable offence” means an offence for which a person of full capacity and not previously convicted may, F1[under or by virtue of any enactment or the common law], be punished by imprisonment for a term of five years or by a more severe penalty and includes an attempt to commit any such offence;

fixed by law”, in relation to a sentence for an arrestable offence, means a sentence which the court is required by law to impose on an offender, being a person of full capacity.

(2) Any reference in this Act to any other enactment shall, except so far as the context otherwise requires, be construed as a reference to that enactment as amended by or under any other enactment, including this Act.

(3) In this Act, a reference to a section is to a section of this Act and a reference to a subsection or paragraph is to the subsection or paragraph of the provision in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other enactment or provision, as may be appropriate, is intended.




Substituted (1.08.2006) by Criminal Justice Act 2006 (26/2006), s. 8, S.I. No. 390 of 2006.