Family Law Act 1995

Provisions supplementary to section 29.


30.(1) Rules of court may make provision as to the information to be given in an application under section 29 (1) including particulars of any previous or pending proceedings in relation to any marriage concerned or to the matrimonial status of a party to any such marriage.

(2) The court may make such order (if any) as it considers just for the payment of all or part of any costs incurred by the Attorney General in proceedings under this section by other parties to the proceedings.

(3) Without prejudice to the law governing the recognition of decrees of divorce granted by courts outside the State, a declaration under section 29 conflicting with a previous final judgment or decree of a court of competent jurisdiction of a country or jurisdiction other than the State shall not be made unless the judgment or decree was obtained by fraud or collusion.

(4) Notification of a declaration under section 29 (other than a declaration relating to a legal separation) shall be given by the registrar of the court to an tArd Chláraitheoir.