Consumer Credit Act 1995

Liability regarding goods and services.


42.(1) The existence of a credit agreement shall not in any way affect the rights of the consumer under the Act of 1980 against the supplier of goods or services purchased by means of such an agreement in cases where the goods or services are not supplied or are otherwise not in conformity with the contract for their supply.

(2) Where—

(a) in order to buy goods or obtain services, a consumer enters into a credit agreement with a person other than the supplier of them,

(b) the creditor and the supplier of the goods or services have a pre-existing agreement whereunder credit is made available exclusively by that creditor to customers of that supplier for the acquisition of goods or services from the supplier,

(c) the consumer referred to in paragraph (a) obtains his credit pursuant to that pre-existing agreement,

(d) the goods or services covered by the credit agreement are not supplied, or are supplied only in part, or are not in conformity with the contract for the supply of them, and

(e) the consumer has pursued his remedies against the supplier but has failed to obtain the satisfaction to which he is entitled,

the consumer shall have the right to take proceedings against the creditor.

(3) This section does not apply to housing loans.