Consumer Credit Act 1995

Requirements relating to contents of contracts for services.


34.A credit agreement which is a contract for the supply of services, other than financial services, shall contain—

(a) a statement of—

(i) the total cost of credit,

(ii) the cash price of the services to which the agreement relates,

(iii) the amount of each instalment by which the total cost of credit is to be paid,

(iv) the date, or the method of determining the date, upon which each instalment is payable,

(v) the means and the cost of any termination of the agreement by the consumer before final payment, and

(vi) where applicable—

(I) the rate of interest charged, and

(II) the conditions under which the APR may be changed, and

(b) a description of the services (including any goods) to be supplied to which the agreement relates.